Metal & Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has increasingly become popular in both residential and commercial applications over recent years.

There are many metals used in modern roofing including aluminum, steel, zinc, and copper. Copper, one of the oldest metals used in human history, is arguably the most premium roofing metal material among all the choices available.

It has been used on roofs for centuries, and some of the most famous historical buildings in the world including churches and castles don it to date.

Considering a metal roof for your home? There are several advantages that Metal Roofingmetal roofs have over conventional roofing materials. Properly installed metal roofs should last longer than other roof choices. They tend to shed off the snow and survive high winds with less damage. Also, there is a benefit in that insects, mildew, and rot have not affect on metal.

Other Advantages:

  • Metal lightweight in comparison to other roofing materials.
  • Warranties are generally a little better, some companies back them up for 20 to 50 years.
  • Some metal roofing materials can be applied over existing roofs.
  • Due to the light weight of metal, it requires less structural support.
  • Metal is noncombustible, and typically have a Class A fire rating.
  • Metal reflects sun rays, minimizing mid-day heat gain.

Some Disadvantages:

  • Metal costs significantly more than traditional roofing material. Of course, some could argue that it lasts longer.
  • Metal is noisy, especially during heavy rain or hail.
  • Denting, metal like a fender on a car can be dented. A sore eye if facing the street.
  • Painted metal can peel, chip, and scratch.
  • Leaks, it’s important that metal roofs be installed professionally. Roofs fasteners can be vulnerable when it comes to leaks.

Homeowners in the U.S. have been looking for a permanent roofing solution that can serve them for long, enhance their building’s appearance with minimal maintenance and increase the real estate value of their homes. Most of them have found the solution to be in copper roofs. Although these roofs are expensive to purchase and install than other roofing materials, they offer more benefits and provide the highest ROI (return on investment) in the long-run.

Different types of copper roofs
Copper roofs can be installed in almost all building types and architectural styles. They can be installed in patches or on an entire roof deck; it all depends on your preferences and a designer’s imagination. The few types of copper roofs include:

Continuous copper roofs – These copper roofs are designed for specific job applications. They are the most expensive option and involve laying and joining sheets of copper without creating seams.

Copper panels – These are pieces of copper sheets that come in specific widths. Their seams are visible and are crimped, brazed or welded.

Copper roofing shingles – These are the cheapest copper roofing option and are installed just like standard shingles although optimal care has to be taken to prevent damage on the soft surface of copper.

Salient benefits of copper roofs

Outstanding curb appeal
Copper roofs are elegant, striking and age gracefully. Their beauty and appeal cannot be compared to any other material. Copper roofs start as shiny, orange-brown structures and age to a beautiful blue-green or blue-grey color – like the Statue of Liberty.

Unsurpassed durability
A copper roof will stand up to virtually any weather element including high winds, hail damage, and torrential rains. Plus, copper roofs last for centuries and not decades like most roofing systems.

Virtually no maintenance required
The only maintenance some homeowners undertake on their roofs is cleaning, which is a personal choice but hardly necessary.

Copper roofs are lightweight and therefore put less stress on your building’s structural support.

High-value retention
The durability and curb appeal of copper roofs increase the real estate value of property significantly.

100% natural and recyclable
Copper is one of the most ecological building materials, with an average recycled content of over 75%.

Copper roofs have many benefits and almost no disadvantages. If you are considering a copper roofing system for your structure, contact us today for professional advice and help!